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International Center For Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE)

The International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE) is a research organization created in 1987 at the heat of the prestigious Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) as a partnership between the Government of Catalonia and UPC. The aim of CIMNE is the development of numerical methods and computational techniques for advancing knowledge and technology in engineering in applied sciences.

The research and technology development (RTD) activities of CIMNE cover a wide spectrum of topics ranging from classical engineering fields such as civil, mechanic, environmental, naval, marine and offshore, food, telecommunication and bio-medical engineering, computer sciences and applied sciences such as material sciences bio-medicine, computational physics, nature, social and economic sciences and multimedia sciences, among others.

Over the last 25 years CIMNE has taken part in some 170 EC funded projects, being the coordinator in 7 of them and with other 5 in the FP7 ERC IDEAS, out of a total of over 1200 RTD projects (800 of which funded by industry) in cooperation with some 500 enterprises, universities and research centers worldwide. To this we must add 10 international projects and some 100 projects directly funded by the industry.

The RTD activities of CIMNE are complemented by education and training activities via Master Courses, short courses and seminars, and CIMNE Coffee talks. CIMNE scientists supervise doctorate students in cooperation with several universities in Spain and worldwide.

CIMNE has an active policy for publication of the outputs from the research activities (total of 1350 papers in JCR journals since 1987, 270 papers in 2006-2010). In addition, CIMNE has its own Publication Department which publishes regularly Books (130,31), Monographs (196,25), Research Reports (360,62) and Technical Reports (628,85). First number in parenthesis indicates the titles published by CIMNE since 1987. Underlined number denotes publications since 2006.

CIMNE is a regular organizer of international conferences on advanced topics on numerical methods in engineering. Since 1987 it has organized 165 conferences; 41 of which in 2006-2010.

CIMNE has a vocation for transferring the scientific and technical outputs from RTD projects to the industrial sector. This is effectively carried out in cooperation with companies from different sectors that exploit and market the CIMNE technology. CIMNE has actively promoted the creation of spin-off companies, some of them totally or partially owned by CIMNE, which play an important role in the industrialization and exploitation of CIMNE technology.

CIMNE is the world leader research center in the field of computational mechanics and computational engineering in terms of number of publications in JCR journals and number of citations (source: International Association for Computational Mechanics) and has been identified as one of the International Centers of Excellence on Simulation-Based Engineering and Sciences in a recent National Science Foundation (NSF) report (Sharon C. Glotzer (Chair), 2009).

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The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme, Marie Curie International Research Staff Exchange Scheme (IRSES) under grant agreement n° 612607
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